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My name is Michał Kłosowicz, I am a coach and a business trainer, but above all I am a human just like you are! I experience good and unpleasant moments every day, week, month - like everyone else.

Because of my profession, I want to show you that you don't have to change your life by "rushing" from one to another personal development training, but on the contrary you can do it in the "slow" rhythm.

This idea was born from observing people who blindly pursue personal development trend, participating in various types courses & trainings, not entirely in line with their needs.

I don't mind personal development trainings or people who participate in them - the key is to find balance.

Are you sure you need personal development in the way you experience it now?

Maybe less, slower and more effective is something for you?

If you are even slightly interested in the topic of making changes in personal and professional life tailored to your individual pace :)

I encourage you to read my next texts.

Have a great day!


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